About Us

Institute of performing Arts
The Institute of Performing Arts (IPA) is an initiative of The Nighat Chaodhry Foundation which was established in February 2015, in Lahore.
There is a tremendous need for the performing arts. Society is disconnected from its own roots. People are living with insecurities, stress, depression, un-channeled emotions, a disowning of our culture, heritage, and creativity resulting in a dire need of revival of our identity. Thus the idea of an Institute of Performing Arts took birth; where all forms of performing arts under one roof could play that role of empowering all in search of self.

An empowered and aware society where people accept, celebrate and have chosen to take, performing arts as part of their life.

Establish a Performing arts University in Pakistan.

• To create awareness about the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan
• To start regular classes of dance, theatre, and music
• To develop linkages and association with international institutes and universities
• To start international certified courses on performing arts

• Develop curriculum on different genre of performing arts
• Regularize teaching classes for Performing arts
• Start a discourse around performing arts
• Showcase performances
• Soul-centered programming