Dance Day Manao 1

Dance Day Manao (DDM) is a festival of Dance to celebrate International Dance Day marked on the 29th of April, as every year since 1982, the official Dance Day celebrated all over the world by millions of dancers. It is an initiative of the International Dance Council CID, UNESCO.

Dance Day Manao 1 (2015)
Institute of Performing Arts (IPA) organized “Dance Day Manao” to celebrate International Dance Day – 2015 in Lahore Pakistan. The event showcased Performances of Pakistani classical, folk, modern, street dance with a discourse on dance in Pakistan and acknowledging our own rich traditions and history. The Festival spread around in different venues for 5 days
  • IPA
  • Olomopolo Media
  • Faiz Ghar
  • Al-Hamrah Cultural Center
The artists participated:
  • Zehra
  • Feryal
  • Wajahat
  • Iftikhar
  • Uzma Ali
  • Mani Chao
  • Panna Jee
  • Amna Mawaz
  • Bina Jawad
  • Indu Mitha
  • Rameez Law
  • Sara Malik
  • Pappur Samrat
  • Shiraz Haider
  • Adnan Jehangir
  • Shayema Saiyed
  • Sonu Dangerous
  • Nighat Chaodhry
  • Wahab Shah Shah Dance Company
  • Ravi Jhoomer Dance group from Sahiwal
  • Shaheen dhool Company and folk dancers