IPA Projects

Society is constantly changing and evolving and elements of our being, like joy and happiness through the performing arts, which was such an integral part of us, has diminished due to the competitiveness for survival in the global scenario. IPA’s Outreach project is an effort to reclaim, reinvent and reintroduce our own joy, and happiness in creative expression through the performing arts.

Outreach (schools)
Outreach (people living with life challenges)
Outreach (corporate)

Raqs Kahani – stories of dancers
This small initiative started in February 2017 to showcase young dance students. This will be a regular annual feature at IPA to promote and encourage young dancers.

Theatre Kahani – showcasing upcoming artists
After the successful initiative of Raqs Kahani, IPA started Theatre Kahani in May 2017. This will be another anuual feature of IPA to showcase new ideas, work and artists in theatre.

Dance Talk
Dance has always been a challenging field in Pakistan. Dance & Dancers are constantly facing struggles in society with lack of acceptance and support, yet there are amazing work and stories of their resilience. The dance fraternity of Pakistan with difficult circumstances is still contributing to society with their innovative work, which is unknown to our society. This initiative of IPA is an effort to constantly engage larger audiences to create awareness about dance, dancers and their contribution.
This started with the opening of IPA and DanceTalks have been conducted regularly:
  • Discourse on History of Classical dance in Pakistan with young & eminent classical dancers of Pakistan: Indu Mitha, Bina Jawad, Naila Riaz, Nighat Chaodhry, Shayma Saiyed.
  • The rise and fall of Dance in in Pakistani Cinema – Visual presentation and discourse on dance representation in Pakistani Films.
  • Folk Dance – Reason and connection a dialogue with young dancers still found their space in folk dance.

Other projects include:
  • Quarterly designed regular classes
  • Skill and formal education development
  • Spiritual Community Blessings
  • A monthly discourse on performing arts
  • Showcasing

Sacred Spaces
Dance Performance to show importance of creative spaces in Pakistan.