Kathak Classical Dance

A Classical Dance form ethereal in its fluidity, liquid in its grace, expressions, gestures, music, rhythm, movement all come together and tell stories from ecstatic celebrations of life. It is mystical and mesmerizing, a celebration of all the senses. The dance ancient, its language universal.
This is the Magic of Kathak.

Aspects of Kathak Technique:
Syllabus for students that are taught in a one year foundation:

  • Salutation: The dance student learns how to perform an invocation to all the sufi saints.
  • Thaat: The first composition of a traditional performance; the student learns and performs short plays with the time-cycle, finishing on sam in a statuesque standing (thaat) pose.
  • Aamad: From the Persian word meaning ‘entry’; the first introduction of spoken rhythmic pattern or bol in to the performance.
  • Salaami: Related to Ar. ‘salaam’ – a salutation to the audience in the Muslim style;
  • Kavitt: A poem set on a time-cycle; the student learns to perform movements that echo the meaning of the poem.
  • Paran: A composition using bols from the pakhawaj instead of only dance or tabla bols.
  • Parmelu or Primalu: A composition using bols reminiscent of sounds from nature, such as kukuthere (birds),
  • Jhijhikita (sound of ghunghru), tigdadigdig (strut of peacock) etc.
  • Gat: From the word for ‘gait, walk’ showing abstract visually beautiful gaits or scenes from daily life;
  • Lari: A footwork composition consisting of variations on a theme, and ending in a tihai;
  • Tihai: Usually a footwork composition consisting of a long set of bols repeated thrice so that the very last bol ends dramatically on ‘sam’.

  • Course Objectives:
    1.To introduce students to a proper syllabus of the dance art form and equip them with training that is authentic and systematic.
    2. To provide theory along with practical training for students to understand that kathak is not just entertainment but is an in-depth subject that requires a serious commitment to learn.
    3.To train at an extremely high standard that is of international recognition.

    Learning Outcomes:
  • Students learn the technique of an ancient art form.
  • It connects and builds cultural awareness creating a strong identity of self.
  • Channelizes energy into spatial and body awareness, bringing focus, poise, confidence and grace.
  • Students gain physical fitness, which improves memory,muscle strength and overall health.

  • Course Instructor:
    Nighat Chaodhry