Salsa is a syncretic dance genre from Cuba. Salsa is normally a partner dance, although there are recognized solo forms. Salsa is usually danced to the salsa music although most people perform the steps with Latin American music as well. Salsa requires a couple, although you can choreograph it as a form of line dance in which a partner might not be necessary. You can perform salsa as an improvisation but generally it is choreographed. This dance style is very popular throughout the Latin America and over time it spread through North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

A very energetic Latin dance style, that originated in the Caribbean and evolved from earlier Cuban dance forms such as Cha Cha Cha, mambo and Puerto Rican bomba and plena. Salsa, like most music genres has gone through a lot of variation through the years and became very popular in the Caribbean, Latin America and the Latino communities around New York.

Teachers: Sarah Malik & Haider Ali