• Nighat Chaodhry (Dance)

  • An exponent of Eastern mysticism and grace, Nighat Chaodhry began her journey in London. Growing up, dance was her expression of choice and she studied ballet and contemporary dance. Then at sixteen, she met Nahid Siddiqui, regarded as one of the greatest Kathak dancers, and the meeting changed the course of her life. Inspired to learn the classical forms of her own culture, she abandoned ballet and join to understand and absorb the nuances of the style, she needed to be closer to its origins; thus began the journey back East. From Lahore to Delhi to Bombay, the journey continued over the years under the guidance of such world renowned Kathak masters as Maharaj Ghulam Hussain Kathak in Lahore, Pandit Durga Lal in Delhi and Uma Dogra in Bombay, including workshops with Pandit Birju Maharaj and Kumudinia Lakhia. With such great teachers Nighat found her soul in dancing, and her success as a Kathak dancer is a tribute to them. Nighat has choreographed and performed her own pieces nationally and internationally, to great acclaim. She has also enjoyed success as an actor on the mini screen and received the Nigar Award, a media award for outstanding performance, for Best Actress and the Faiz ahmad Faiz award for using faiz’s poetry in kathak dance interpretations. Presently Nighat is training under Guru Pali Chandra and giving kathak exams under the ISTD syllabus which is based in London, Nighat has also set up The Nighat Chaodhry Foundation and one of its prominent programs The Institute of Performing Arts is successfully active in Lahore.

  • Imran Nafees (Theatre)

  • Imran Nafees Siddiqui is an artist (performing & visual) and social activist who uses the power of art, be it theater, film, visual art, performance or photography, for his expression. With an education background in Social Sciences, Imran’s association with a variety of projects is based on the basic premise of training and development through creativity. He has pioneered platforms for expression through research, training, theater, workshops, exhibitions and books by virtue of which he has channelized the talent and the ‘need to express’ of many people including women, children and marginalized in under-developed areas of the country. Besides being a gender trainer, and researcher to many writer, director and actor for his theatre group, Dugdugi, Imran offers his skills as creative counselor and trainer to individuals/groups/organizations, and a myriad of human rights organizations. Imran is presently heading Institute of Performing Arts and teaching theatre.

  • Aizaz Sohail (Music)

  • Mohammad Aizaz is an upcoming singer of the Khayal Tradition. He is our vocal instructor at IPA. Aizaz started taking formal Classical training from Master Abdul Rauf. Just after 6 months of training he was able to obtain a Gold medal in the All Pakistan Music Conference in the classical category. He also secured 2nd Position in the reality show Pakistan Superstar. Aizaz is the student of Ustad Faheem Mazhar. He is also taking help for Classical Music training from Anol Chatterjee and Brajeswar Mukherjee who are senior disciples of Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty. He has worked in Pakistan Television Corporation and many other TV channels making successful appearances. He is the only artist in Pakistan capable of singing Karnatak Music and beautifully performs the inevitble compositons of the late Dr M.Balamurali Krishna G.

  • Sajid Ali (Tabla)

  • Sajid Ali is one of the only tabla players who is able to play kathak dance in Pakistan. His first teacher was his father, Umeed Ali Matra .At the age of 12, he gave his first stage performance. Learning at a very tender age from Maharaj Ghulam Kathak, he started learning tabla, that is specialized in playing kathak dances. Amongst his other teachers are Mian Miran Baksh from Gilwala. His notable performances in Pakistan are in LMF, Music Conference, Firdous-e-Gosh which was a raag based program on PTV. Amongst his notable international performances are those in London Museum, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy and Paris.