Explore the hidden performer within you. This course introduces you to the Craft of Acting, Voice Exercises, Body Movement, Stage movement, Facial and Emotional expressions, which enables you to be a practitioner.

Beginner (Three Months)
Participants will learn the basics of theatre
  • Craft of Acting (Voice exercises, Body Movement, Stage movement, Facial Expression, emotions and expressions, etc)
  • Understanding theatre and brief history of Theatre in Pakistan
  • Writing for theatre and introduction to drama
  • Direction
  • Theatre games for team building
  • Theatre exercise for confidence building and self empowerment

Intermediate (Three Months)
Pre requisite Beginner course
The basic course will move into intense and secondary level of training with part of existing theatre production and hands on learning. Learning will also include the understanding of characters psychology and character development with its relation to story and drama.

Advance (Three Months)
Pre requisite beginner and intermediate course
This applied learning course all participant will apply their learning and prepare a small production.

Who can apply:
  • Anyone with passion to learn and grow.
  • Those who want to take theatre as serious profession or even serious hobby.
  • Those who wanted to enter into the world of Performing Arts.
  • Those who wanted to use theatre as medium for social change.

  • Course Instructor:
    Imran Nafees