Voice Culture

Vocal Culturing:

Vocal culturing is an essential element of vocal training. It is like laying down the foundation of a very huge building and if the foundation is strong the building is able to last for a lot of time. Likewise keeping the right foundation is essential. The right Riyaz, the right duration and way of practice. The amount of sustain on long notes, breath control and being able to hear better from your ears so that we kill the tone deafness and are able to get feedback in an even better fashion are all parts of vocal culturing. Be it Classical, Light Classical, Ghazal, Sufi, folk and Playback all require a basic vocal culturing exercise. At IPA we ensure that the candidate understands and implements vocal culturing in its right form so that the basis of singing, the foundation, vocal culturing is done the right way.

Vocal Culturing For Playback Singing:

Vocal culturing for Playback singing requires an altogether different mode of instruction. It is the form of music that has always been understood by the common folk. Used in films and reality shows as well as Radio. Playback singing involves using the right proportion of throat and slight bit of chest where necessary. Although the basic techniques are very similar to the mode of instruction of Classical Vocal training. We shall be covering various famous playback items trying to emphasize the exact importance of feelings and poetry in Playback Music.