Unearthing self through Dance & Movement

Each of us has a special and unique way of being true movement. Explore movement as a pathway to one’s creative and expressive self. Connect deeper within self and others, practice listening to your own body, expand vocabulary and language of movement, move with greater self-confidence, and break down the barriers that block your expression. Discover how personal empowerment through movement can assist you with life choices, being completely present, survival and recovery from crises, problems, and thriving in life every “step along the way”.
Dance Movement workshop with the melodies of NFAK (summer 2016)
Bol – Dance Movement workshop to under self on Faiz’s Poetry (2016)

Bol – Dance & Movement Workshop:

Lok Virsa:
First national conference of Autaq and the “Dance and Movement Workshop to bridge between similarities and differences”.

Harmony For Humanity Dance Workshop: